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The Values of RB----

Customer oriented, Ability oriented, Seeking for excellence


Customer oriented is our business objectives.

In RB we treat each demand from all of customers as opportunity. We treasure it as life.

We constantly improve the management system, the quality management system to ensure the production capacity & product quality and make sure our ability is improved. Our prior business direction is to exalt the on time delivery rate, to realize Zero defect quality and to provide the satisfied products and service by intransigent execution.

We are continuously developing the new product, new technology and new technique according to our developing principle of Tailed for our customers according to their demands. We excavate the potential need of our customers and discuss & analyze with them about the differentiation. We have special development for each project to protect the intellectual property right of our customers. Our striving rule is to Satisfy and exceed our customers by our professional service.

Ability oriented is our business basis.

RB will certainly be a professional and industrial enterprise which is providing service to our customers.

We never compromise to our own career every day and we are raising the new requirements of the ability, working method and working value to each staff. We request each staff must be strict in his work, highly dedicate to his career and be verging on paranoia to his dream. Each staff shall have the excellent and professional ability to realize his own value and to create value for others and for the company. All the staffs have been included into the Performance Assessment system with the core of ability and value, so that they can wise up under the pressure and keep upgrade themselves.

We believe that can we create value for our customers constantly only when we have excellent team.


Seeking for excellence is our mission.

Immoderation and uncompromising is fatalism of all the excellent enterprise.

We need to advocate science and technology. We need to treat the emerging things with joy, be used to make the decision by figure and stamp out excuses of so so. We need to resist all the lazy behaviors and habits with system and implement. We are delighted that on the way we can talk to the unknown and the future with our wisdom and believe that the success is always in the final step. This is the difference between banality and excellence.

To do one more step is our habit of action.

To be excellent is not the slogan but the action guideline of each staff in our company. It’s rooted in the deep soul course in our company!